Why use Call a Doctor?

Call a Doctor uses latest technology to run a virtual clinic for a doctor. Behind every function doctor was a receptionist with the log book. This system allows you to easily manage those functions with minimal overhead.

Benefits of the system

For Doctors

  • Virtual consultation for non-critical situations
  • Attend to more patients
  • Get payments online
  • Record your session
  • Maintain prescription file

For Patients

  • Easy consultation for non-emergency situations
  • No hassle of waiting in doctor’s office
  • Get designated time slot
  • Make payments online
  • Reduce risk of contagion

How it Works

Create a Doctor Account

Create your very own virtual clinic and get a unique URL that can be shared with your patients!

Give your account URL to patient

Share your unique URL with your patients so they can arrive at your virtual clinic directly without any issues.

Patient chooses sslot and pays

Patient checks availability from your live dynamic schedule and chooses a consultation slot.

Reminder sent before appointment

Both you and your patient get a reminder before the consultation time so neither of you miss out on it.

Online Appointment

The consultation happens 100% online through our in-house developed e-consultation platform whichh requires no installation in any device whatsoever.

Sending of prescription

Fill out our prescription template or upload your very own and send to the patient electronically and have records automatically maintained for each individual patient.

Behind every functioning doctor is a receptionist with the log book. In today's pandemic, ensuring safety for you and your team is utmost important. Let us help you take care of your patients remotely and let the system help you mange your schedule.

COVID pandemic has altered the way doctors practice medicine. Adapt to the this new paradigm and make use of Indian technology to improve care for you and your patients.

About Us

Your Technology Partner

Galaxy Weblinks is a 300+ software company with over 20 years experience in web and mobile development. We have worked on 3K+ projects in 25+ technologies. With the development team primarily based out of India, we have serviced clients in over 8 time zones around the world.

Call-a-Doctor comes with a very deep understanding of technology, insight into doctor’s working and the need of a custom solution in the Indian context. Prior to this, we have worked for nearly 10+years in healthcare and telemedicine for developed countries. However, we feel that those systems and processes don’t necessarily fit the need of a doctor in India.

We strongly believe that software technology should assist the doctors, not limit them. Therefore, we built an easy-to-use system that connects doctors and patients directly.

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